Get More QA Coverage With ATS Automation Testing Services

We will help you define and implement appropriate strategies and methodologies for your test automation services and then measure and evaluate them.

Maintainable, Portable & Extensible Test Automation

We can help you build a portable & extensible test automation suite with:

  • Shared object repository
  • Common libraries
  • Reusable actions
  • Full commenting
  • Segregated modules
  • Global parameters
  • Standard naming conventions

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Automation Frameworks for Various Domains


Automation Engineers


Critical Defects Reported by Automation


Years of Collective Automation Experience


Test Cases Automated

Our Automation Testing Services
Save Time and Release Faster

Who isn’t looking to speed up their release cycles and get their products to market faster? As more organizations emphasize Agile development and DevOps methodologies, quality automation testing services, and the ability to seamlessly integrate with development teams, become critical.

Automated Test Development and Execution

Mammoth-AI has a team of top-of-the-line automation engineers who can rapidly and effectively build your QA automation test environment by:
  • Developing automated test scripts
  • Regression-testing your application
  • Creating a thorough assessment for each test cycle

Extensive Test Automation Experience

  • Framework types
  • Development languages
  • CI tools
  • Build release management
  • Integration technologies

Automation Testing Services

There are several different types of software tests that can be automated:

Unit Testing

Implementation of best industry practices, methodologies, verification tools such as JUnit and xUnit, and many other industry standards relevant to your project needs.

Functional Testing

Our Functional Testing enables you to produce a defect-free product with 100% functionality compliance.

Regression Testing

Automated Regression Testing Services are based on the standard of achieving excellent regression of Application Under Test (AUT).

Black Box Testing

Our dedicated and experienced testing team has certain procedures in place to ensure that the black box testing is carried out well.

Integration Testing

We verify functional, performance, and reliability requirements of your major design items and are assessed with black box testing, simulated success, and error cases using different approaches.

Keyword Testing

KEYWORD-DRIVEN TESTING is a scripting technique that uses data files to contain the keywords related to the application being tested.

Data-Driven Testing

Test scripts are created in Data Driven testing so that the tests can be run together with related data sets.

Smoke Testing

We are a leading testing service provider that assure complete initial stage analysis of a software system.

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